Oscar E. León
Born, this time, in Lima, Peru and named Oscar E. León P. Moved to California with my family a couple years later. Was brought up Catholic, surrounded by family and a new culture. Adapted to both. Began Peruvian folkloric dancing at around the age of 7 and continue to this day. "Turned on" (spiritual consciousness) at around the age of 11. Explored the realms of psychotropic experiences for about 10 years in search of something greater, of something deeper, of great truths. I had also turned away from the Catholic church and looked eastward, and to my roots in the south in hopes of filling in that emptiness inside and quenching that thirst for Divinity, slowly re-awakening. Prayers were answered, alas. Found it -- my Master and chosen Path. I eventually left behind the need for induced psychotropic experiences (the training wheels), and turned to the Spirit within. Somehow, someway, I played my "cards" right and manifested a karmic pattern which led me to being introduced to The Aetherius Society in 2003 by the late Kalan Brunink. Became a Member in 2005. I then decided to go back to school to provide the material/financial support I would eventually need as I delved deeper into the Spiritual path, while living on the physical plane. Graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2007. Moved to Hollywood a couple months later to work closer with The Aetherius Society at the American Headquarters. Joined the Staff Team in 2008 and became a Full-Time worker in 2009. And then...

(My purpose of this blog is a simple one. Not trying to gain name or fame. Just trying to share with the rest of my brothers and sisters, the rest of our Oneness, a little about the experiences/life of your brother, Oscar. It may help you, it may not. You may enjoy it and be uplifted or inspired, or maybe not. I just hope that something in here may be of use to you. Blessings.)

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I run away, only to return

Loneliness. Exhaustion. Frustration.
Challenges on the Spiritual path. We’re all bound to feel it in varying degrees at one point or another. Lately, it’s been squeezing me. Karmic challenges and lessons. Sometimes a part of you just wants to give up, but the greater part of you wouldn’t dare. Nevertheless, times like these can be quite frustrating and confusing. And so I run…

I run away, only to return.
I run away knowing that I will return stronger than when I left. 
I run away in frustration, and return in relief and exaltation.
I pound away at the pavement, like pounding away at my ego, my expectations, and my frustrations.
I run away exasterbated, and return inspired.
I run through the dirt and muck of the streets, as I run through the dirt and muck of my mind.
The air is polluted, just like my emotions.
But as I run, as I push and pull, as I grasp and release, I am cleansed.
It pours out of my pores and blurs me no more.
I can see, I can breathe, I can BE HERE NOW.
The chains of frustration unshackle themselves with every step, with every drop of sweat, with every rhythmic breath.
And the memory returns - I am free.

The terrorist within

Love is the true remedy.

Yesterday, in some parts of the world, somber memorials took place regarding an act of terrorism, an act of ignorance and evil. Whether one believes that it was an outside job or an inside job, it was still ignorant and evil.

However, many still think the evil is in some country, in some religion, somewhere outside ourselves. When in fact, we are our own worst enemies. The evil lies within. It is our own ignorance to blame. We have ignored our oneness and thus created division. And from this division we gave birth to hatred and greed.

It’s not about countries and religions. It’s really about Oneness and Love. Love for ourselves as well as others. Not lying, not killing, not stealing. Communing. Communing with each other and with every aspect of inner selves.

Our egos terrorize our true Divine selves. Wraps veils around it. Spits on it. Puts it in cells of solitary confinement. Attacks it will bullets and bombs of lies and ignorance. Keeps it starving of Truth, Love and Light. It feeds it little scraps of fear which fills and fuels the ego’s belly when washed down with the fermented intoxicating drink called delusional materialism, only to further arrogantly persist with its evil, ignorant and painful theory of separatism.

As within, so without. Any outside acts of violence, terrorism, deception and suppression are but mirrors to the drama unfolding beneath our hides.

And where do you end and I begin? Show me, with your microscopes and instrumentations, the fateful line that separates us! There is no line that can be drawn that will destroy our shadows of ignorance. No line to save us from the evils that lurk within. Where do I end and you begin?

We are one. Cleanse ourselves, and we cleanse others. Heal others, and we heal ourselves. Understand that which lives within, and you understand that which lives without. There is no riddle to solve. No wall to break down. See the Light within all things. Fan this flame.

Love is the true remedy.

(from the journal of Oscar Leon)

Why is there still so much violence in the world?

I was recently posed this question in sincere rebuttal to reincarnation and evolution:

"If we’re reincarnating and evolving, then why are people just as violent and awful as ever?"

Well, exactly! Come on humans, let’s get with the program!

This violence is just ridiculous when you think about it. We shouldn’t be this backward. But technically, we deserve it. Because according to the Law of the Universe, the Law of Karma, action and reaction are opposite and equal. We are experiencing reactions to our actions of the past. But, there is lesson behind all of this. It is not just all chaos, contrary to popular opinions. If you think about, what makes more sense - to live in peace, harmony, love and joy?…or to live in violence and suffering? Our answer to that is proof (to me at least) that there is purpose to everything, not just random chaos. Life is continually molding us to become better people, not worse. Any sincere and honest thought and anyone will admit this.

Behind all awful experiences are great lessons able to be learned. And if we continue to have a certain set of awful experiences it is because we have not yet learned the lesson; we have not yet passed the “grade”. And as a correlation, we need to pass through many lives and many years to learn all the lessons offered to us upon this Earth. Although it is possible, it is not very likely that a “hitler” will evolve to a “Jesus” or a “Buddha” or a “Ghandi” in one lifetime. And so it is with the majority of the human race.

We, as humans, have a very violent history. We have not treated ourselves or the Planet very good, to say the least. We are now reaping what we have sown. However, if you really take a look at the situation of the world, violence is actually DOWN! You can research the statistics worldwide. More and more people are waking up and spiritualizing. We are having more and more guidance and assistance form higher sources. Nevertheless, there is still way more suffering than we should have. And we still have a lot of karma to rectify.

The human race may still be displaying violent characteristics that we apparently have not seemed to change over the years, but at the heart of this is a very big lesson that is proving difficult for us to learn. Why are people violent with each other? We do not consider each other as our own. We do not realize our oneness as a human family. We insist on segregating each other into classes, races, sexes, isms and schisms. And because we insist on separating ourselves from everyone else (self-ism) we do not try to understand each other, and become ignorant of each other. And through this ignorance is born fear and hate, which then manifests itself in the multitudinous forms of violence we see in our world today.

So it can all be traced back to our “un-oneness” with each other. Our false belief of individualization. Our selfishness. If we could treat our greatest enemy as we would our closest blood relative, imagine the kind of world we’d live in…

And mind you, violence is not just manifested though war and killing and rape, etc. It actually starts in our minds and in our hearts, then projected through our thoughts, our words and actions. In which case the majority of the human race is guilty of acts of violence, in our everyday lives. From our homes to our offices to our schools and the supermarkets. And since we’re all connected, for every thought or act of violence we commit, it contributes to the overall violence factor of the world. So when we pose the question, “why is there still so much violence in the world?”, we should ask ourselves, “have I eradicated all the violence within me? If not, why?”

Which is why service is so essential in these days. It connects us more with each other, transmutes the selfishness which has been wreaking havoc throughout the ages, and helps us to learn our lessons quicker. The more we serve each other, the more we connect with each other, the more we evolve each other.

As long as we insist on being separate from each other and not understanding each other, and hence not loving and serving each other, we will continue to experience violence as a way of learning. So let’s play our part in ending violence and suffering in our world once and for all! 

Time to Rise

Things are bubblin’…

Everywhere you look, everywhere you are, things are changing.

A transformation is taking place. Humanity is molting. We’re shedding the dead skin that no longer serves us. It’s getting too tight inside the cocoon. It’s starting to give - starting to surrender to that which beckons it from above.

There is a revolution through evolution taking place. But it’s not in the streets or in the jungles. It’s in our very own hearts and minds.

How much more shaking do we need before we wake up?
How much longer must we resist the beckonings of Mother Earth?
How much longer must we struggle against each other, against ourselves, against Divinity?

Our ignorance is our own worst enemy.

Let it molt away. Lift up the veil. Take a peek from underneath the covers. See the sun rising. See your own divinity coming to greet you and welcome you outside your cracked cocoon.

Look around. Cocoons everywhere. Wiggling. Itching to break free. It’s happening everywhere.

We are getting ready to meet each other, like long lost lovers being reunited after millenia of vainful searching.

Many of us have been waiting, only to realize that we are the ones we have been waiting for all along.

So what are you waiting for?

My brother, my sister - start spreading your wings.

It’s time to rise.

A Crop Circle Story

I’ve always wondered what it was all about. I knew it to be real – not all of them, but the vast majority of them. Is it the doing of the Cosmic Masters? Or the Mother Earth? Or the Spiritual Hierarchy? Is it a direct message to humanity? Or to the Devic Kingdom? Or something else???

We were on our way down to Devonshire for the O.P.P. Pilgrimage. It was Friday, July 23rd, and I was driving down with Staff Trainee, Paul Duffy, and Member, Bernard Vandenbosch. Bernie and I both had really wanted to see a crop circle but knew the chances of finding one along the way was slim. People usually research these on the internet and get exact locations and directions. We had none – just a desire. But we left the possibility open to its manifestation.

We did, however, plan to visit Avebury, Stonehenge, and if possible, Glastonbury. Though we weren’t sure if we could fit all three on the way down. It just so happened that we decided to take a route that would lead us to Avebury first, which would then put us on route to Stonehenge second, and then to Glastonbury. This was pretty much all en route to Combe Martin.

First stop, Avebury.

Avebury, as we know, is the location of a major entranceway to the center of the Earth. There is a stone circle there and some very interesting energies.


You felt that there was indeed something special to the place. Peculiarly, in the middle and around the stone circle was the little village of Avebury – quaint, peaceful and pleasant. On our way back to the car we decided to walk into the main Chapel, which is also a gift store. Just as we walked in, right in front of us was a small little wooden cross with a very similar design to the one we use at The Aetherius Society. Neither of us have ever seen a cross like that outside The Aetherius Society.


And so we then continued on into the gifts section and perused around. As we were getting ready to leave, I overheard someone at the checkout asking the shop clerk if she knew of any crop circles in the area. She took out her book. It was like a record of all the crop circles of recent past, their picture, location and time of occurrence. She mentioned a few and pointed them out. However, it seemed like most of the recent crop circles were many miles away. Nevertheless, I approximated myself closer to the counter to listen in better, just in case something near comes up. I told her we were on our way to Combe Martin and if there were any crop circles possibly on the way. She mentioned a few in the “near” vicinity; I think the same she mentioned to the other chap. She even pointed them out on a map, mentioning a few names and directions. But me not being from ‘round these neck of the woods, a lot of it didn’t make too much sense. I thanked her for the information anyway and we went on our way.

Next stop, Stonehenge.

It was a bit “touristy”, I must say. But that’s not surprising. It’s just unfortunate that they have fenced off the area and are charging an entrance fee. It didn’t seem like people were able to just sit around near the site; instead they had to follow a circular path around the perimeter, taking pictures along the way. We did not go in, but instead took pictures from outside. It was a bit hard to really tune into the place, but the impressiveness of the stones themselves created quite an energy field around it. It makes you wonder.


Next stop, Glastonbury?

Acting as the co-pilot, I was checking out the map to figure out the route to get there. I was starting to get a hang of these English roads! So I figured out our route, but as I did so I noticed a name: Warminster. That was the name of a town that the lady at the gift store mentioned. She said that there was a crop circle near this town. Then, as I was following our planned route on the map, I noticed another name: Cley Hill. “Hey, wait a minute! That’s the place near Warminster where the lady said there was a crop circle a couple weeks ago!” And it just happened to be right en route.

New next stop, Cley Hill.

As we pull over at Cley Hill there is a little sign that says “Crop Circle” with an arrow pointing towards a path to the hill. Quite convenient! We even pass by a local farmer on the trail who cheerfully points us in the direction of the hill where one can best see the crop circle. As we make the steep trek up the cow path up to the top of the hill, we see that there is a person there filming, which helped since we couldn’t quite locate the crop circle! He was obviously shooting the crop circle and hence pointed it out to us. We briefly spoke with him and found out that he goes around “hunting” crop circles and films the sites, sometimes within hours of when they actually occur. So we then make out way down the other side of the hill to the actual crop circle itself.


For some reason, of an intuitive inner nature, when I entered the crop circle I decided to quietly walk the inner perimeter of it before entering into the center. I was walking in the direction that the wheat lay flat. Although I did not notice any dramatic shift in energies as I first stepped into the crop circle, I gently started to feel more and more of a very definite high-vibrational energy as I walked around. It started to feel very sacred. I did not want to talk to Bernie or Paul who were also there with me. I felt urged to just tune into this place in a sense of deep humility.

And so I began reciting Mantra mentally as I continued to walk around the inside perimeter. Like a sacred ceremony. Even when Benie’s cell phone went off, it felt very disruptive; like when a cell phone rings in the middle of a church Service. I eventually made my way to the center of the formation to join the other two. By this time we were all very much aware of this pervading spiritual energy of the place. Once you become quite enough, you could really feel this energy coursing through and around you. We quickly decided to perform a Twelve Blessings Service, which I was asked to lead. It was surprisingly powerful – similar to holding a service on a Holy Mountain. I was able to really “get into it”, real quick. After the Service there was a strong sense of peacefulness, of stillness. Although we were in a hurry to get back on the road, I couldn’t help but just lay flat down on my back for a few minutes. It was that good.

Bernie and I finally made our way out of the center back towards the footpath to meet Paul back at the van. But just as we were heading out, the cameraman from the top of the hill was entering inside. He casually asked, “So did you get an answer?” We couldn’t help but stick around and have a chat with this chap.

We talked about the possible theories of the crop circle formations and our own personal perspectives on it all. We naturally started talking about the Mother Earth, Her Primary Initiation, the Cosmic Masters, the Cosmic Plan, you know – the usual.

Eventually, we had to pull away from the mind-belt-filling conversation to run back to the van.

There is definitely something to these formations. A majestic beauty. A tangible presence and power. Regardless of what was causing these crop circle formations – whether it was Beings from outer space, or the Mother Earth Herself – or what it all meant, the fact of the matter is that it was obviously creating some kind of awakening in the hearts and minds of humans around the world. Although only a fraction of the human race is aware of these formations, that fraction, nevertheless, affects the whole – “the 100th Monkey”. This “phenomenon” is waking people up to greater possibilities; it is shaking people out of their previously conceived “sleepy” notions of life, existence and the Mother Earth. Although these crop circles may be messages, indeed – messages that are perhaps not directly sent to humanity – humanity is indeed getting a message.

A message of awakening, of greater possibility, of great change, of Divinity.

(photo of the crop circle shortly after it was found)

If there is one thing that is important for you to know, it is that every thought, even the most insignificant, is a living reality. Thoughts can even be seen; there are people who can see them. Of course, on the physical plane, a thought is invisible and intangible, but it is no less real: in its own region and with its own subtle matter, it is a living, active being. The fact that this is generally unknown is the cause of much misfortune: human beings cannot see or feel that their thoughts are active, that they are either constructive or destructive, so they allow themselves to think whatever they please, without realizing that, in doing so, they are putting obstacles in the way of their own evolution.
Mikhael Aivanhov

Did you wake up this morning?

You probably got up this morning,
But did you wake up?

The Sun rose in the heavens for you this morning,
But did you rise?

The Earth kept you in Her embrace this morning,
But did you realize?

Did you wake up to the fact that Spirit has granted you
One more day of life?

Did you rise toward the Divinity which allowed you
One more day of experience?

Did you realize the Blessing that gifted you another day
To continue your Journey through Creation and back to It?

Inhale deeply that sweet nectar of life,
Raise up your hands and extend out your heart in loving gratitude
For this Divine Gift from the Creator.

It is but a miracle.

Who said you would wake up this morning?!
Who said you would live to take another breath?!
Show me that contract!

Take naught for granted,
Count your blessings,
And sing your praises.

The Mother Earth need not keep you.

The Mighty Sun need not feed you.

The Galaxy need not preserve you.

So if the Gods smile on you today,
Remember to wake up
And smile back…

"Go deep inside. Contact the God-force within you and come out to serve the outer world." - Sir George King

Aim for service and success will follow.
Albert Schweitzer

Public Charging Session of Operation Prayer Power next Thursday, May 27th, to coincide with the Harmonic Convergence. Open to everyone!

Judge a man by results.
Judge a man by his detachment.
Judge a man by his love for all.
Judge a man by his acceptance and knowledge of Oneness.
Judge a man by his wisdom.
Judge a man by Cosmic Logic.
Judge a man by his sacrifice – not for himself, not for his wife, not for his family – but for the whole world, YOUR world.
Mars Sector 6
Just got back this weekend from a 10 day trip (of full-on Karma Yoga!)  to Lake Powell, where one of the Psychic Centers of the Mother Earth is  located. Went there to do some maintenance/repair work on Starfire II,  the sacred boat that is used to perform the Saturn Mission. It was such  an amazing experience! Lots of sweat and hard work, but truly a divine  privilege to be able to assist in that way.

Just got back this weekend from a 10 day trip (of full-on Karma Yoga!) to Lake Powell, where one of the Psychic Centers of the Mother Earth is located. Went there to do some maintenance/repair work on Starfire II, the sacred boat that is used to perform the Saturn Mission. It was such an amazing experience! Lots of sweat and hard work, but truly a divine privilege to be able to assist in that way.

Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears. Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness. Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters, it must have lost the power to wound. Before the soul can stand in the presence of the Masters, its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart.
Light on the Path

With Love and Blessings…

An average (if there’s such a thing) weekday in my current life.

Alarm chimes at 7am.
Turn off and lay in bed for a few minutes.
Sit up and tune in to Spirit.
Bow to picture of my Master, the Mother Earth, and the Mighty Sun.
Drink plenty of water.
Morning bathroom duties.
Open window blinds in bedroom.
Sit in front of Altar.
Recite mantra or prayers.
Dress for work.
Go next door to prepare and eat breakfast.
On duty at 9am.
Unlock the Temple.

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